A Servant to two Masters (Carlo Goldoni)


Presenting The Servant of Two Masters at the same time as the National Theatre was a daring stunt. DQ received many letters made of snippets from newspapers, but their determination and passion for theatre were stronger than any threats. After the threat strategy started the emotional extortion. But the actors of DQ were adamant. And so on the day of the show, in the National Theatre only the wind was prancing about in the hallways and in the Rokoko Theatre the crowds were cheering loudly.

The playful comedy by Carlo Goldoni won the hearts of the audience and the actors as well. The story of an entrepreneurial servant, his two masters (which in fact were a Master and a Mistress) and lost love that was found once again is known all over the world. 18th century play was adapted and enriched by the adult and intelligent humor that made DQ famous and it took long months after the play for the actors to stop living their characters. We made the 18th century Italy live in our hearts and in the imagination of everyone who dared to come to our show. All of the shows were sold out and the words of joy and excitement were to be heard for long time amongst the astounded spectators.

This play was special for us in many ways. First, it was a comedy, a genre that suited our little group a bit better than dramatic plays of Havel. Then, it was the debut of our new director Martin Murin. He accepted his scepter with dignity and ruled with iron fist. And also, we invited a few new members, one of them, a worthy contribution to our group, was Egli Prifty, who took care of all music in the play.