Beggar's Opera (Václav Havel)


The adaption of John Gay's „The Beggar's Opera“ by Vaclav Havel as a political satire takes place in London in the middle of the 19th century.

Main character, great charmer and head of a criminal organization, Macheath who bigamously married both daughters of his enemies, Polly Peachum and Lucy Lockit, is trying to escape from the noose that is hunting him through out the play.

Willy Peachum is a godfather, who is willing to give up anything to serve the devilish state and find Macheath, who represents a threat to his professional and through Polly, also personal life. With the help of his friend, chief of police Bill

Lockit, they are relentlessly pursuing Macheath to take revenge for desecrating their daughters.

Meanwhile Macheath with his two accomplices enjoys the pleasant atmosphere of Lady Diana's ladies saloon, enjoying life to the fullest.

Soon the womanizer has to be confronted with his deeds and pay for the consequences, which impacted the powerful people of their time and their associated.