Hard Candy (Jonathan Rand)


Hard Candy is a play written by Jonathan Rand and it was played by Drama Queens in 2008. The play is focused on job  applicants and on set of hilarious interviews at a company called Banf Enterprises. Each new interviewee tries to outsmart, bribe, or even hypnotize the interviewer in order to get the job they want. The magnificent trick of this play is that every successful job applicant becomes an interviewer for the next character. Even though the play is quite short the number of characters is remarkably huge for such a production. The biggest challenge for the Drama Queens was that every actor or actress had to depict three characters. He or she had to pass the interview as a newcomer, hire a new member of the company as an interviewer, go backstage and change costume and state of mind for his or her next character. The director of this bit was Bára Dočkalová who managed to incorporate witty colour symbolism that was represented by a secretary (the only character who remained on the stage for the whole play and has a huge impact on the final conclusion) and by each character. The play started the era of Drama Queens and it provided many of us with the first opportunity to be on the stage and to feel what theatre is all about.