Hay Fever (Noël Coward)

Hay Fever is  an English play written by the well known and respected playwright Noel Coward. Set in old England about the pretentious and cynical Bliss Family, including Judith the "has been" actress, David the troublesome writer, Sorel the spoilt favourite and Simon the perverted artist. Each family member invites a guest to the mansion. And the games begin!

This is the first time in the Czech Republic that Hay Fever has been adapted by an amateur theatre group. It is the first performance directed by previous actor and co-director Martin Murin. Each of the actors have been carefully matched to Coward´s unique characters by Martin. It was important to give the ensemble cast a challenge and put them outside of their comfort zone. The manipulating and eccentric Bliss family definitely posed a new challenge for the Drama Queens. After 8 months of rehearsal and intense character development, we are pleased to bring you our unique version of this play performed in various theatres in central Prague.