DQ Biographies

Martin Murín – Director


I was born in the small town of Detva in Slovakia. In the ninth grade my friend Stano and I produced and directed the first and only farewell ceremony that brought together all the elementary schools in my hometown. This was my first sweet taste of theatre. At fifteen I went to study at a boarding school in Tisovec. Here I joined the newly formed “alternative theatre” drama group called Hlod and acted in four plays. Here my love for the stage really deepened. When I first came to Prague, theatre was absent from my life for two years yet the longing to perform again never ceased to be. In my second year at Charles University I came across the Drama in teaching English course led by Bára Dočkalová and theatre became a part of my life once again. I performed in my first University play Hard Candy,  which  laid the foundations of the Drama Queens. When the course was nearing to its end, maybe by chance or faith or out of pure necessity, we met Jat Dhillon and The Drama Queens were born along with one of the strongest friendships in my life. I acted as the Assistant Director / Actor / Stage Manager for three years under Jat’s watchful eye. When he left to bring the art of drama to yet another group of youngsters I took on a very challenging role of the director. I realize that I have gigantic shoes to fill in order to preserve the quality and the reputation The Drama Queens have acquired. I feel extremely privileged to lead this wonderful group of people, for each year with The Drama Queens it has been an amazing experience, a new challenge and an opportunity to explore new depths in the magic of the theatre.

Tomáš Ficza - Assistant Director, Actor


Irrational as it may seem Love for drama Overall helped to increased my IQ. Vigour of our plays leaves you Ecstatically cogitative. Daring and talented as we may be Reality shows that without you, our keen Audience we would be useless.

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Why do I love the DQ? It is simple. I love being surrounded by inspirational, heartfelt people who fill me with bursting energy every time I see them. My other interests include literature, sport and my job - I work as a teacher. Standing in front of students is similar to being on stage. Thanks to the Drama Queens I can enjoy my job even more. There is one more thing I owe to DQ; during one of our camps I started to harass my co-actress, surprisingly she didn’t mind and we are living together right now. You can easily spot her, she is the only girl who responds positively to my physical contact.

Egli Prifti - Sound Design


I was born in Albania, on the Bay of Vlora, where the Adriatic and Ionian seas meet. I started my formal music education at the age of six and went on to complete a rigorous curriculum in piano, solfeggio, music theory and history, performing in numerous recitals on a national and international level in Albania and throughout Europe. I did my undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Charles University in Prague and now am pursuing my doctorate in Music Pedagogy. Prague is a wonderful city that inspires me almost as much as the sea does. I love playing and performing, but I mostly enjoy creating my own pieces for piano and other instruments. I believe that every good musician should be able to write music, because it enables them to better understand works written by other composers. For me, music written for film and theatre is music in action. I always wanted to try it, and that is why meeting Martin was a great opportunity. Thanks to him, last year, I was given the chance to play with the Drama Queens. I knew this was going to be a very promising experience, but I never thought I would enjoy it so much. So, we did have a great show. I was very much looking forward to another invitation to collaborate this year, and, thankfully, I received it, and I found it again to be a great experience. I would be honored to be part of this amazing team again in the future.

Tereza Chlubná - Production Manager, Actress

Terka Born in 1986, I emerged from the Czech-Moravian Highlands. My first experience of theatre was at primary school. I then attended a grammar school in Žďár nad Sázavou, where my orientation turned to economics. Prague offered me a lot of other opportunities - the Drama Queens, the ABC theatre, other people connected with other theatres and my life found life. The Drama Queens give me space for self-realisation, to create something new and let it spread outward. We are a group of different individuals and different inner beauties, yet together we are a single organism. We are the Drama Queens.

Merjola Skendaj - Social Networking Manager, Actress


I was born in Albania, in the city of Fier. Earlier in my childhood I was engaged in many TV and theatre related cultural activities. At the age of 11 I started to work as a childrens’ programme TV-show presenter. In the next 5 years I gained experience as a youth event organizer as well as a news reporter in TV & Radio. In addition, I‘ve participated in National Poetry Competitions and little theatre performances, which allowed me to cooperate with some of the best Albanian actors- who had a major impact on my professional development and nurtured my love for the theatre.

Those activities introduced me to the wonderful world of art, full of emotions, passion and love. Since then, I found myself performing on stage, thus building a strong relationship with delivering the artistic emotions and receiving the audience.

Regarding my studies, I finished my Bachelor in Pedagogical Psychology from the University of Tirana; as well as my Masters studies in International Relations and European Studies at the Metropolitan University in Prague. At the moment I work in an International Business Company and also have some hobbies. I joined the Drama Queens in October 2012. Since then I can say that these have been the most fulfilling years of my life – surrounded by a talented, energetic and creative group of young people is allowing me to pursue my biggest dream yet, to be an actress.

Tereza Bubníková - Costume Design, Actress


I was born in 1988 in Prague and have lived here for my whole life. After graduating from the Archbishop Grammar school, I continued to study at Charles University. It took me several years, during which I somehow managed to get my Bachelor’s degree in English and Music, to understand that to study at the Faculty of Education with no intention to be a teacher is rather contradictory, so I ran away from the alma mater to follow my dreams. That, among other plans, also includes becoming a famous actress, writing at least one novel, captaining a boat in the Mediterranean and opening my own restaurant.

I’ve always liked theatre, and at just the right moment I was given a chance to join the Drama Queens and I didn’t hesitate for a second. I have never regretted this decision. The Drama Queens has provided me with self-confidence and self-consistence as well as with close friends and, after one rehearsing weekend at Moravia, a cat named Schrödinger. Being a Drama Queen is not only about spending time with beautiful people, creating something worthwhile with them and having fun, it is a part of my life that I can be, and I really am, proud of.

Jan Stibor - Actor

Honza I come from the north-eastern region of the Czech Republic. That’s where I grew up and picked up most of  my character-building experiences. (For instance, how it feels to score the first of your own goals or lose your favourite T-shirt.) After loosing my favourite T-shirt in 2008, I decided my hometown didn’t deserve me anymore and I moved to Prague. Here I worked in the hotel for a while, providing wonderful guest service (at least that is what they called it), but then I realized I’m too young and beautiful for such hard work and I became a full time student at Charles University. There I met a friend who invited me to join the Drama Queens. I always liked theatre (seriously), but I never ever thought about becoming an actor. The first rehearsal was love at first sight. Looking back, I don’t regret a minute with Drama Queens. Apart from joy and great fun it also gives me self-confidence and the feeling that I am doing something deep and meaningful in my life. I’d love to stay in this family for as long as I possibly can. Aside that I’d love to successfully finish my studies (one day) and write a book. Sounds difficult? I told you DQs gave me self-confidence.

Renáta Ježová - Actress

j I was born in Košice on May 5, 1991 and I stayed there till I was 18 years old. After finishing secondary school, I moved to Prague with intentions to study at the University of Economics, but after three semesters I realized it was not the right choice and changed my studies to the Pedagogical faculty of Charles University. It was one of the best decisions of my life. It was just another ordinary day when I opened an e-mail from the Department of English Language and Literature and found an invitation to the Drama Queens auditions. There was a kind of uncertainty that accompanied my first rehearsals with the DQ, but it soon found a stable place among my other hobbies, dancing and horse-riding. 

Kristýna Němcová - Actress


I was born belatedly on that bizzare day of  9th January and unluckily missed the opportunity to be the first Czech national (1.1.1993). I could have won some money for my family and become a step-niece of  V.Havel, but I didn´t get ahead. Since then, I´ve been missing almost all things in my leisurely life, which doesn´t make me anyhow angry at all, because I´m used to it. I have a fairly peaceful life unless those moments, at which I hear some rip-roaring music or turn up at any stage. In such case I´ll go out of my mind and can´t help dancing or acting. I come from south-west Bohemia, where we drink Pilseners and listen to ska. I´m going to take a liking to Prague as well as to my hometown. Therefore I decided to study English and Russian at the Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague. Later on I  had a great fluke. I met a likeably foolish group of great actors and became one of them! 

Anna Cigánková - Actress


I was born in 1991 in Prague and have lived here my whole life, except for five years in Moscow in my early years. After my graduation from grammar school in Prague, I attended post-secondary studies in English. And who was my teacher? The Drama Queens director, Martin Murín! So, Martin invited me into the group. It’s been a great experience getting to know these very beautiful and inspiring people. I regret nothing! Now, I’m studying Arts Management at University of Economics. It’s all a bit time consuming, but I love every activity in my life, and after only a short time with the Drama Queens, I feel that this is the most important part of my life at the moment!

Štěpán Branka - Actor

I come from Prague which is a city. I studied at the super the famous Faculty of Education where I met several of the most beautiful Queens there have ever been. I have numerous hobbies and interests which is why I am not successful in anything. But the most important one is spending time with wonderful people that I love. I have always loved theatre, acting and contributing to the beautiful atmosphere that you can find only in theatre. Therefore I am very happy and grateful to be in the Drama Queens, a group, that I have for a long time admired for their passion and their performance. But above all, every single member is a wonderful person and it is a great privilege and fun to spend time with all of them.

Jan Toman - Actor

jan I was born in Prague on the 5th of September in 1991 and I've lived here ever since. After my first (not really successful) attempt to pass the maturita exam I had to somehow fill one year because I couldn't go to university without that tiny piece of paper. So, I signed up for the PET course in the language school JIPKA where I met Martin Murin, who asked us if we wanted to be in a play! A few of us agreed and that's how we made Hard Candy. It was my first experience in theater and it was quite an incredible experience. I really enjoyed it, so when Martin offered us to join to the Drama Queens, we didn't hesitate for a second. I was excited but little bit scared too! After all, it's a kinda higher league. But I don't regret my decision in the least. These fantastic people showed me a whole new world which I immediately fell in love with.

Polina Mushchinina - Actress

jan I was born in Russia in a relatively small town of Ozersk. Theatre had always been fascinating for me so I started to attend drama classes at my school. My friends and I performed plays, presented school events and even participated in drama competitions. Also, I was attending a music school at the same time so I have never been afraid of the scene, although I was a little bit nervous, occasionally. Some years later, our music school together with our local composer started to make musicals for children. It was an amazing experience since in a musical you not only have to sing but also dance and act. I really loved doing this. 

In 2013, I moved to Brno where I started to learn the Czech language. After that, I decided to study at the Faculty of Education at Charles University. Since that, everyone has been saying that I should try acting because I was energetic, talkative and almost never felt embarrassed. The first year at the university was very stressful and that’s why I wanted to find a place where I can relax and do something that I like. Thankfully, I saw an ad on Facebook that a theatre group of my faculty, “Drama Queens”, had been looking for new members. I came there and I was not disappointed. People I met there were nice, funny and dedicated to drama. Also, I love their sense of humour! I am excited to be a part of Drama Queens and I hope to become a loyal member of this group.