Redevelopment (Václav Havel)

RedevelopIn the year 2009 we decided to perform a play by Václav Havel. The play is set in a castle on a hill above a little town. There stays a group of architects whose task is to rebuild the little town. As in any Havel’s play a general conflict (here urbanistic approach to redevelopment) goes together with personal problems of characters.

After four of former members of our group left we had to attract new blood. We were reinforced by FilipHalaxa, who had already collaborated on Hard Candy, Václav Hodonický and Jan Stibor playing unforgettable parts of villagers and Tereza Chlubná and Zuzana Jandlová as their wives.

Although we managed to cast all parts The Redevelopment still held many challenges. In comparison with The Beggar’s Opera, The Redevelopment is more serious, full of lengthy monologues often about architecture which can feel boring when staged.  Moreover, during most of the time of the play, majority of characters are on stage at the same time.  Therefore, it wasn’t easy to orchestrate the play so it wouldn’t feel boring and chaotic. However, under the leadership of Jat Dhillon, valiantly aided by Martin Murín, we sculpted the demanding material into an impressive piece of work. The drinking scene, the dance and depiction of torture through shadow-play remain unforgettable. Another vital aspect was incorporation of live trumpet (even though it originally was violin) music into the play by Filip Halaxa.

We would also like to thank Jan Kepler’s high school for providing premises for rehearsals and Disk theatre for selflessly giving us hand with the stage and lightning for the performance.